Balsarayı Epimedium Mixed Herbal Paste Maccun 230g

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Product description: Balsarayı Epimedium Mixed Herbal Paste Maccun; Epimedium is a paste obtained from the extracts of herbaceous flowering plants that contain more than 60 species from the genus Epimedium of the Berberidaceae family. Plant contents of Balsarayı Epimedium Mixed Herbal Paste Maccun are grown in South China, Europe, and in Asia. These plants, which have an interesting structure, can grow in every region and their characteristics vary according to the region they grow. Epimedium, which is purple in color and looks quite beautiful, is a species that can grow in harsh climates and can survive for many years. It opens in spring with 4 petals. Almost all of these plants have an aphrodisiac effect, so it is also known as horny goat. This paste obtained from the extract of this plant was very common in the Ottoman period. Today, Manisa Mesir Macunu festivals are held in Manisa every year. Erection is a problem that all men, regardless of age, may face due to various physical and mental problems. This problem, which is called Erectile Disfunction in the medical literature, is generally tried to be eliminated with chemical-containing drugs. Scientific studies show that paste, which is a purely herbal organic product, solves the problem of erection without any side effects. In its content, the most important extracts that create this effect are honey, ginger, pollen and royal jelly. It is recommended to consume the product for at least 30 minutes before the intercourse, for 2 teaspoons. The effect can last for 1-3 days, it is recommended to mix vigorously before use. Warning: It is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, heart patients, as it opens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation. No side effects, may cause mild headache. Package style: The package contains 230gr of Balsarayı Epimedium Mixed Herbal Paste Maccun. The ingredients are: Allspice, Alpina officinarum root, Anise, Black cumin, Black Myrobalan, Black pepper, Buckthorn, Cardamon, Cassia, Chebulic myrobalan, China root, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coconut, Coriander, Cubeb, Cumin, Dried orange blossom, Fennel, Galingale, Ginger, Iksir sugar, India blossom, Java Pepper, Licorice extract, Licorice root, Mastic, Millet, Myrrh, Muskroot, Mustard seed, Orange peel, Rhubarb, Saffron, Citric acid, Senna, Turmeric, Udulkahr, Vanilla, Woad, Yellow myrobalan.

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