Candied Chestnuts Jar, Hafiz Mustafa

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  • Производитель: Hafiz Mustafa


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Product description: This authentic flavor is the one of the most special tastes of Anatolia. It is a great dessert belonging to  traditional Turkish cuisine. Candied Chestnuts is a unique chestnut and sugar sherbet mix. It is store of energy and also nourishing and protects against many diseases. Hafiz Mustafa brands is one of the most know and oldest that Chestnuts Candy is produced. Contents: Contains sugar, protein, oil, sodium and potassium. Package style: The two kinds dimension packages contain as 500 gr and 800 gr of Candied Chestnuts. Storage conditions: Recommended Consumption Date is 365 days from date of production. Keep the product in the refrigerator after opening and recommended to consume within 30 days.

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